The time I started making stuff

I never thought that I would enjoy making stuff when I was a kid. My parents told me that I should become and engineer. But thanks to my rebellious nature I decided that I would do anything BUT become and engineer. I was making robots with the Lego Mindstorm™️ but that wasn’t engineering; I was building jewelry boxes and clocks at school but that was just Design Tech. I enjoyed it but I didn’t take it too seriously.

It was in Grade 11 when my Business Management teacher began talking about how she needed someone to lead a workshop with an incubator that I thought it might be interesting to get serious… so I stuck my hand up. It was fun meeting people from different grades and schools and we learning things such as ~Design Thinking~ and ~Entrepreneurship~. We made an IoT irrigation system that integrated with current irrigation systems to water plants with less waste (we even won an award for it!). Even after I left the project to focus on my IB world exams, the experience stuck with me and I’ve been building things since. Since then, I’ve worked on a bunch of different projects and I plan to keep working on a bunch more 😌